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Alternative Monetary Instruments

When forging your way outside the traditional monetary sphere its important to understand how one commodity or currency interacts with another and how they gain or decline against another. Use these charts to help educate yourself on value comparisons against various commodities.

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The charts contained in the links about are for personal use only. User is to understand the risks of trading and engaging in alternative monetary instruments and takes on the burden of understanding of prices of items with cfd contracts.

What is alternative money? Alt Money is a project that I have imagined quite sometime and have wanted to do just as long


Alt Money is a collection of charts and tickers that show the value of a commodity against other commodities or a basket of goods. Ever wonder how much coffee you would need to trade for a troy oz of gold? How many barrels of oil can I get for a Bitcoin. How many doz eggs is a troy oz of silver worth?


Why is this important? For a couple of reasons. When you go on a website like cnbc, You see the value of a commodity like gold or silver in fiat (currency) terms such that it takes 1800 dollars to buy 1 troy oz of gold or 45000 for a Bitcoin or 5 dollars for a pound of copper. When everything is shown in terms of dollars it is hard to tell how much one good compares to another.


A long time ago I set up a spread sheet with the cost of my home. How much I bought it for and how much various things cost at the same time, like corn, wheat, gold, silver, etc. And I've tracked that to see how real estate compares. Well now, thanks to our alt Money page you can do this to. Ever wonder how much coffee you can get for a troy oz of gold, how many ounces of gold can a Bitcoin get me? How about overtime?

We have divided the info into two sections.


Section one has tickers, broken down by Gold Ratios, Bitcoin Ratios, and Silver Ratios.

Section two has charts associated with the ratios, with ratio displayed in chart form and you can look back overtime at a few different options.

I hope you enjoy, this is a work in progress. If you have suggestions , please either email me at or contact me on twitter @theradiounder or @truentellus

This is for personal use only for studying one commodity against another to determine true relative value.

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