You Are not alone.

We are reaching a critical point. There is a wave coming and it threatens to crush us all. A system like a beast is rising from the waves and threatens to take our basic human rights and crush it beneath its heal.

What is this? What is this system that is so vile and destructive, our children will look back at us and ask, why did you allow this to happen, why did you allow us to be turned so low?

Combating this system requires a united front; amongst those the media and popular culture encourages us to fight.

What if I told you, we are being pit against each other on purpose. Rich vs poor. Black vs white, gay vs straight, “vaxxed vs un vaxxed”. Let’s talk about this, what is the “un vaxxed” and what are the “vaxxed”?

If you have every childhood vaccine except covid19 gene therapy are you “Unvaxxed” If you have no others but the covid19 one are you vaxxed? What if you haven’t gotten a booster? A 3rd 4th 5th booster Since they now say it wanes after 6 months. yes, I know it’s not 100% for certain a 4th will be required, but perceive into the myst a bit. Come on, look for yourself and see. I am holding back the veil for you right now, stop this pod cast, close your eyes, look through your mind and perceive the myst and tell me what you see. Do it...

 The time is over for squabbling. The time is over about arguing weather or not covid is deadly, whether the vaxx works or not, whether it’s a kill shot or not, whether it saves lives or not, whether covid does this or that, it doesn’t matter, what matters is what is being used to create policy against the people. Policies that threaten to harm and further segregate people. 

I am big into cryptocurrencies. But let me explain to you the dangers of a passport system connected with a government digital wallet. What it means is everything you do, buy, look at, everywhere you go, is tracked and traced, if you are dissident, or piss off someone within govt, you can be shut off completely.  You can be locked out of businesses and not able to buy food. They can withhold services and food from you until you break.

We are in a battle for humanity! And let me tell you, we are losing, half the population hates the other half because they haven’t taken an experimental medical procedure, or the other half hates the other half for taking it and encouraging the system.

Oh, how easy we have been played against each other. Oh, how easy we have given in. Wake up. Wake up Wake up! It doesn’t end with a vaccine, this technology will be abused, it is a tool, just like the laws passed after every emergency, temporary powers never go away 8.

We need to unite against the pass port system, once this is here, it will not go away, and our children will grow in a world where they cannot enter a building without showing their papers, scanning their app or waving their chipped hand.

This is not a theory, this is on the horizon, peer into the myst, open your eyes,

If we do not stop this system we will find ourselves stuck in a system that has no benefit to us, only controls us and compels us to do the will of corporate nonfeudal masters.

When you see someone, greet them and be friendly, regardless of color or status, we must stop allowing ourselves to be split apart and segregated. We have to unite to fight this, divided we will fall.

When you encounter a business discriminating based on health decisions, boycott them, never before have we done this, do we discriminate for any other vaccine? small pox, polio? So why now? Why is it so important now? Why is this being pushed globally by few leaders who all have the same buzzwords “build back better” When you encounter a business that discriminates, against any group, call them out. Let others know. Tell them, “Look, you are participating in this system that is at war with humanity. You are working for the beast. I will not patronize you.”

The time to resist is now. Who knew that loving you neighbor, being kind to others, and speaking the truth could be a form of radical resistance, yet here we are? In Australia and NZ their leaders are telling them not to talk to their neighbors.

Do not listen to these psychopaths. We are stronger. We are better. We are Humanity, we are the resistance

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